Speaking about A Festival – Mid-autumn festival

1. Describe a festival in your country. You should say: What it is When it is celebrated What people do in the festival One of the most popular festivals in Vietnam is children’s Mid-autumn festival. Held throughout the country, on lunar August 15th, the festival originated (bắt nguồn từ) thousands of years ago. It is … Read more

Vocabulary about Lifestyles

Vocabulary about lifestyles Adapted from Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS with answers: Self-study vocabulary practice (Cullen, 2008).  1 Live life on the edge sống táo bạo, mạo hiểm 2 Live life to the full sống cuộc đời trọn vẹn ý nghĩa 3 Have a positive outlook on life có cái nhìn lạc quan về cuộc sống 4 … Read more

Vocabulary and functional language of Telephoning

VOCABULARY AND FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE OF TELEPHONING       Contact number 1 Home/work phone number số điện thoại nhà/cơ quan 2 emergency number số khẩn cấp 3 hot line số của đường dây nóng 4 information line đường dây cung cấp thông tin 5 enquiry line số bộ phận trả lời câu hỏi 6 toll … Read more

Vocabulary about Architecture

VOCABULARY ABOUT ARCHITECTURE       Building types 1 Complex /ˈkɒmplɛks/ khu phức hợp (gồm căn hộ, khu mua sắm, rạp chiếu phim, nhà hàng…) 2 high-rise = skyscrapers nhà cao tầng 3 three-storey house nhà 3 tầng 4 terraced houses /ˈtɛrəst/ nhà phố (chung vách, cùng độ cao, kiến trúc) 5 semi-detached houses 2 … Read more

Reading about the topic of Entertainment

ARTICLE 1 Pottery, painting or piano-playing – whatever gets your creative juices flowing will boost your mood, according to new research. Almost 50,000 people took part in the BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test. It suggested that being creative can help avoid stress, free up mind space and improve self-development, which helps build self-esteem. (tự … Read more