Reading about Student’s Accommodation

Article 1 Students have protested about university-owned accommodation rent (tiền thuê nhà) increases amid criticism too many students rent in the private sector. Councillors have refused permission for a private six-flat student house (nhà có 6 căn hộ có sự riêng tư cho sinh viên) for Durham University students. The meeting was told there was … Read more

Vocabulary about Student’s Accommodation

VOCABULARY ABOUT STUDENT’S ACCOMMODATION       Types of accommodation 1 dormitory kí túc xá 2 hall of residence kí túc xá 3 flat/apartment căn hộ có nhiều phòng 4 studio căn hộ có 1 phòng vừa làm phòng ngủ, phòng khách, bếp 5 rented house nhà thuê 6 terraced house /’terəs/ nhà phố chung … Read more