Vocabulary about Lifestyles

Vocabulary about lifestyles Adapted from Cambridge vocabulary for IELTS with answers: Self-study vocabulary practice (Cullen, 2008).  1 Live life on the edge sống táo bạo, mạo hiểm 2 Live life to the full sống cuộc đời trọn vẹn ý nghĩa 3 Have a positive outlook on life có cái nhìn lạc quan về cuộc sống 4 … Read more

Dictation in listening 4

Các bài tập khác accomodation – IELTS listening technology- ielts listening study- ielts listening listening for name spelling IELTS listening for numbers IELTS listening for directions clubs-ielts listening children-ielts listening business-ielts listening books-ielts IELTS listening A-Z ielts writing task 2 architecture – IELTS listeninng animals – IELTS listening advertising – IELTS listening banking enrollment – … Read more