Powerful expressions – Part 7


1. In this light. Hiểu theo kiểu này.

If you see the problem in this light, you will never understand his reactions.

2. He is always hilarious/optimistic (vui vẻ/lạc quan). He always sees the sunny side of things (thấy mặt vui vẻ tích cực của mọi việc)

3. The right path to success: đường đến thành công.

Although we have to overcome countless hardships, we should be happy because we are definitely on the right path to success.

4. In the face of competition/adversity: ngay trong sự cạnh tranh/nghịch cảnh.

In the face of harsh competition, corporations have to increase their advertising budget to retain and improve their popularity.

In the face of adversity, he still keeps calm and makes rational decisions.

5. The essence of sth: cốt lõi của cái gì

The essence of the plan this time is to improve the quality of aftersales services.

6. Help is at hand: luôn có sẵn sự trợ giúp

If you need anything, just call me, will you? You know that help is at hand whenever you need.

7. Take sth at face value: thấy được bề nổi của cái gì thôi

It is a common mistake that people just take things at face value and thus miss opportunities to invest in areas that can develop strongly in the future.

8. Improve your stamina: tăng cường sức mạnh, sự dẻo dai.

You can improve your stamina by going to the gym more regularly.

9. Change the status quo: thay đổi thực trạng

To make a difference, old rules should be replaced to pave the way for (dọn đường cho) changing the status quo.

10. The worst case scenario: tình trạng tồi tệ nhất

We should prepare for the worst case scenario so as not to feel disappointed about temporary failures and stick to our plans to eventually bring our ambitions to fruition. (biến tham vọng thành thành quả)

11. The driving force behind sth: động lực đằng sau cái gì

One of the driving forces behind success is the perseverance.

12. Of society as a whole: của xã hội nói chung

A rational tax policy can bring numerous benefits for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole

13. Be notorious for: tai tiếng vì cái gì

He is notorious for his flirtatiousness (lẳng lơ) and playfulness (chơi bời) in love.

14. Spur further action: thúc đẩy hành tiếp tục hành động

The need for meeting the annual target spurs further action in all departments of the company.

15. Sth delivers financial benefits: cái gì đem lại nguồn lợi tài chính

The newly develop tourist attraction has already delivered some financial benefits to local people.

16. The bottom line is that: điều cốt lõi là

Remember that in whatever you do, the bottom line is that it should generate benefits for others.

17. To be prone to discrimination: dễ bị kì thị, phân biệt

Black people are easily prone to discrimination wherever they go.

18. Be the backbone of sth: là xương sống của cái gì

Agriculture is the backbone of Vietnamese economy.

19. Shed light on: làm sáng tỏ cái gì

The findings (phát hiện của nghiên cứu) sheds light on the necessity to build organizational culture.

20. Have a ripple effect on: có tác động lan tỏa (như những đợt sóng tạo ra khi ném hòn đá xuống một mặt nước tĩnh lặng)

The increase of oil price have a ripple effect on many economies the world over.

21. I go vegetarian: tôi ăn chay

I go vegetarian for a month at times when I feel in need of detoxing my body.

22. Have propensity/inclination to: có xu hướng làm gì

He has propensity to skip the instruction and then mess up everything after that.

23. Be open to scrutiny: được/bị kiểm tra kĩ càng

The accounting records of the company are now open to scrutiny by an auditing service to pinpoint any errors made throughout the year.

24. Put S.O/sth on (a) par with S.O/sth: đặt ai/cái gì ngang hàng với ai/cái gì

For the event, she needs to wear a costume on par with her reputation.

We need to raise the salary of teachers on par with that of doctors.

25. Sth dates back to a time: cái gì đó có từ thời nào

The ancient town dates back to the 15th century.

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