Powerful expressions – Part 6


  1. The Muslim is accused of masterminding (chủ mưu) the bombings and shootings at the flea market. (chợ trời)
  2. Earlier this week the film certification board gave “Spectre” a U/A rating suggesting parental discretion (sự suy xét của cha mẹ) for children under 12.
  3. People tend to to bask in (tắm trong, đắm mình trong) the current success and forget the challenges ahead.
  4. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is the “best partner” for Asia as it gears up for (chuẩn bị cho) a new growth phase toward lasting sustainable growth. (sự phát triển bền vững)
  5. The ruling Communist Party steered clear of (dọn dẹp, xóa bỏ) Facebook in China.
  6. Lay foundation for sth/ Pave the way for sth: đặt nền móng cho cái gì

His work now does not generate income but it lays foundation for/paves the way for his future business.

  1. A breeding ground for sth: là môi trường thuận lợi sản sinh ra cái gì

Silicon valley is the breeding ground for IT experts.

  1. Telegenic: hợp với truyền hình.

She is very telegenic. She always looks so fantastic in TV gameshows.

  1. Alternative treatments: cách điều trị khác với uống thuốc và làm phẫu thuật tại bệnh viện

Acupuncture is a popular alternative treatment for many health problems in Vietnam.

  1. Sth act as a springboard for sth: cái gì làm đệm bật cho cái gì

The good foundation of English acts as a springboard for her academic success abroad.

  1. The other way around: ngược lại

He chooses to write the overview before the body paragraphs but I do it the other way around

  1. And vice versa: và ngược lại

He helps me and vice versa. Anh ấy giúp tôi và ngược lại tôi cũng giúp anh ấy.

  1. Mobile payment seems to be on the rise. Thanh toán di động có vẻ đang nổi lên.
  2. From all walks of life: từ tất cả các giai cấp xã hội.

People from all walks of life took to the street in Hong Kong to protest against the proposed extradition law.

  1. Cause adverse effects: gây ảnh hưởng xấu, bất lợi

The stormy weather causes adverse effects for farming.

  1. Take up the challenge to do sth: thực hiện 1 việc khó khăn

He takes up the challenge to gain an IELTS 6.5 from 0 within 6 months.

  1. On the threshold of: ở ngưỡng cửa của

He is on the threshold of his old age.

  1. Groundbreaking victory: chiến thắng lẫy lừng.

He has just won a groundbreaking victory in the match with the current champion of the tennis tournament.

  1. Shed off extra pounds: bỏ đi vài kí mỡ thừa.

She maintains a low-carb diet and a regular exercise scheme to shed off some extra pounds.

  1. Take sth into consideration: xem xét cái gì

We should take into consideration the differences in conditions between those regions.

  1. Put sth to top priority: đặt cái gì lên ưu tiên hàng đầu

He should put the achievement of his target IELTS score to the top priority now.

  1. Mass use of sth dùng nhiều cái gì

There was mass unemployment during the global financial crisis.

  1. On a large scale: trên diện rộng, trên quy mô lớn

The forest fire is raging on a large scale.

  1. Sth has nothing to do with sth: cái gì không liên quan đến cái gì

The visa rejection has nothing to do with his age.

  1. Within reach/ beyond reach=out of reach: trong tầm tay/ ngoài tầm với

Solutions to the problem of soil erosion is within reach.

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