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Writing question:  Nov 2, 2019

People often think about creating an ideal society but fail to make it happen. What is your opinion about an ideal society? How can we create an ideal society?

A sample answer:

An ideal society used to be seen as a utopia; however, that idea of a society where equality is achieved unassisted, and where love is prevalent seems to exist only in dreams. When lowering down the standard for an ideal society, there are much more tangible goals that can be achieved through concrete approaches as detailed below in this essay.

An ideal society should be constituted by the three components namely: civilized citizens, a moral government, and strict law enforcement. Indeed, when citizens are well-educated and highly aware of their roles in contributing to develop a better future for the world, they will voluntarily take initiative in making positive changes to improve themselves, others and the surrounding nature. Obviously, righteous thinking and decisions of human beings are the root of equality, freedom, safety, and sustainability of every aspects of life as well as of society as a whole. Besides, an ideal society posits that its government needs to be based on a firm foundation of morality. It is widely believed that once a political leader with a kind heart is at the helm, he will constantly devise innovative ways of using national resources efficiently to levitate the country’s status in the global political and economic arena. Such a government with moral officers will ensure the eradication of irresponsibility, corruption, inequality and similar social condemnations in its operation, and thus will give society a reliable springboard for development. Also, “to err is human” as the saying goes, so there need to be a strict legislation to punish and deter wrong doings or derailed behaviours. A culture that fosters strong law enforcement will help keep the citizens on track to be contributive members of society instead of troublemakers.

The importance the three aforementioned factors for an ideal society suggests practical actions to achieve them. First, to have civilized citizens, education should be the focal point of investment from the whole society. The edification should enrich people’s knowledge, nurture their souls, and encourage their personal development to unchain their potentials. This has much to do with whole-person development in education where learners are trained to improve comprehensibly with social, artistic and professional knowledge, as well as a range of working skills in areas like leadership, negotiation, critical thinking, and problem solving. The second component of an ideal society is a moral government, and this is the outcome of a good educational system. This is also an aftermath of the third integral part in the dream society, the ultimate respect for the laws. When the government’s officials divert from their assigned route, they must be punished heavily to set examples for the whole society. Additionally, when it comes to law enforcement, equality should be maintained across all social castes or statuses. Only by so doing can a culture of respecting the laws be built in society.

In conclusion, an ideal society in my opinion should be an assembly of civilized citizens, moral authorities, and a strong law enforcement, and thus measures to ensure these facets of society should be provided through well-rounded education and a powerful legal system.


Utopia: n. xã hội không tưởng

Unassisted: adv. không cần trợ giúp

Tangible goal: n. mục tiêu cụ thể

Concrete approach: n. cách thức cụ thể

Law enforcement: n. hành pháp

Take initiative in: tiên phong làm  cái gì

righteous thinking: suy nghĩ đúng đắn

equality: n. sự bình đẳng

sustainability: n. sự bền vững

posits: v. thừa nhận rằng

morality: n. đạo đức

at the helm: n. ở vai trò điều khiển

constantly: adv. Liên tục

levitate: v. nâng lên, làm bay lên

global political and economic arena: n. đấu trường chính trị và kinh tế toàn cầu

eradication: sự loại bỏ

social condemnation: n. sự lên án của xã hội

springboard for development: n. đệm bật cho sự phát triển

to err is human”: đã làm người thì ai cũng mắc lỗi

strict legislation: n. luật nghiêm

deter: v. cản trở

keep the citizens on track: v. giữ cho người dân đi đúng hướng

troublemakers: n. kẻ phá bĩnh

aforementioned factors: n. nhân tố được nói ở trên

edification: n. sự khai sáng, sự giáo dục

nurture their souls: v. nuôi dưỡng tâm hồn

unchain their potentials: v. giải phóng tiềm năng

whole-person development: n. giáo dục phát triển toàn diện con người

improve comprehensibly: v. phát triển toàn diện

aftermath: n. hệ quả

integral part: n. bộ phận cấu thành

ultimate respect for the laws: n. Thượng tôn pháp luật

 set examples: v. nêu gương

social castes: v. tầng lớp xã hội (tăng lữ, vua quan, dân thường)

assembly: n. sự lắp ráp, tập hợp

well-rounded education: giáo dục toàn diện

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