Small exercises about the topic of Tourism

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Travel advice

The price of holidays can fluctuate a great deal throughout the year, so try to be flexible with your travel dates and avoid peak holiday times. It can also be cheaper if you book well in advance. Before your departure, make sure you do as much research about your destination as you can. Find out if you are required any special visas or permits to travel there. Think about currency as well. Will you be able to access your own money easily enough or will you need to take cash with you? Think about eating larger lunch and smaller evening meals to help make your spending money go further, as lunch is generally cheaper. Make sure that you keep sufficient identification with you at all times. It might also help to email a copy of your passport details to yourself in case it is lost or stolen. Label your suitcases clearly so that they can be easily identified as yours. It can be useful to store a copy of your itinerary in a prominent place in your suitcase so that the airline will know where to find you if your luggage gets lost. Be sure to pack any medication or other essential items in your hand luggage. If your flight is delayed, or your luggage is lost, these can be difficult to obtain in an airport or foreign country.

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