The description of a waterfall: IELTS Speaking part 2

The description of Chieng Khoa waterfall – Moc Chau – Son La

We started from Pa Háng junction in Moc Chau and headed to Chieng Khoa waterfall. According to Google Map, it was only a bit more than 20 km but the homestay host warned us that it was around 60 km, but then it actually took us around an hour to get to the waterfall (excluding the time for beholding stunning scenery on the way).
We had our bike kept on the road side and walked very steep steps down the water fall. The steps were built for a small hydropower plant in the past and make sure you walk or jog a lot before coming here unless you climb down the steps in excitement but climb up in exhaustion. Any way if you can make it to the waterfall, I guarantee that it is worth your efforts. Following is the script for the description of a waterfall for IELTS Speaking part 2:

The description of a waterfall
What it is
How it looks
What you did there
How you felt

Vocabulary highlight: 

Plateau /’plætoʊ/ or /plæˈtoʊ/

n. cao nguyên

Descend /dɪˈsɛnd/

v. đi xuống

from afar

prep. từ xa

striking feature

n. điểm nổi bật

turquoise water /ˈtɜrkwɔɪz/

n. nước xanh ngọc lam


a. nóng thiêu đốt

cup my hands

v. chụm tay lại thành vốc

ease my thirst 

v. giảm cơn khát

Waterfall basin/ waterfall reservoir /ˈrɛzəˌvwɑr/

n. hồ nước dưới chân thác

Cascade /kæˈskeɪd/

v. chảy xuống, tuôn xuống

Pristine /ˈprɪstin/ or /prɪs’tin/

a. nguyên sơ

soak our feet in the cool water

v. ngâm chân trong làn nước mát


n. tuyệt tác

in disguise of

prep. nguỵ trang, giả dạng

The answer: 

The script:

I’m gonna tell you about Chieng Khoa waterfall in Moc Chau plateau, Son La province, the northwest province of Vietnam
I had a chance to visit the waterfall in Feb 2020 in my first trip to the mountainous provinces of Vietnam. The waterfall hides itself in the distance from a mountain road from which one cannot recognize it. Only after descending hundreds of steps could I have a clear view of it.
Looked from afar and from above, the waterfall was so modest that once I got the full view of it, I couldn’t help awing at how beautiful it turned out to be. The most striking feature of the waterfall was its turquoise water. When I came at around 3 pm, the sun was scorching, the place was deserted and the water was so pure, that I even thought that I could cup my hands to get some to ease my thirst. The whole waterfall has 7 levels, and I luckily approached the third level, which was the most beautiful one with the largest reservoir. There were large rocks around the waterfall where we could stand for many pictures taken. Our vision to the upper level of the waterfall was completely blocked by the huge rock wall from which cascaded the silky water. The place was kept almost pristine. I and my friend had some fun soaking our feet in the cool water and took plenty of pictures as rewards for our long road trip.
I was completely amazed at how wild the water fall was and kept asking myself about the turquoise water I had never seen in all of my destinations before. The waterfall is a masterpiece of the nature in disguise of the modest pathway leading to it in the poor but friendly land of Moc Chau, Son La.

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