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Task 1:

The diagram shows the process of producing smoked fish.

Lưu ý: fish là danh từ số nhiều bất quy tắc giống như dear, sheep. Nên ta có 1 fish, 2 fish, and n fish.

The diagram presents how raw fish are turned into smoked fish for sale at the shop.

First, fish are caught at sea and then transported to the port by boats. After that, the fish are moved on land and then frozen for preservation. In order for the smoking to be done, the frozen fish are defrosted and then submerged in fresh water. In the following stage, the fish are cut open before being processed in salt water dissolving yellow colouring. Subsequently, the smoking process happens in a closed chamber for a certain time before the fish are released and put into individual boxes. After the packaging, the fish are loaded into the freezer at 0 degree Celsius before being input to a cold store. Finally, trucks will deliver the fish to fish shops where they are displayed for sale.

Overall, the production of smoked fish has many phases which emphasize the control of the fish temperature and the smoking process. (160 words)

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Task 2:

The responsibility for preventing and reducing global environmental damage lies with politicians and there is a little that individuals can do about the problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Preventing, reducing global environmental damage: politicians’ roles:

  • issues policies to encourage green production, laws to prevent environmental pollution (carbon neutral target, emission quota, vehicle emission standard, punishment for littering, under-standard treatment of waste)
  • Politicians’ decisions important: Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris accord => set America on the sideline of the fight against global climate change => losing the tight grip on industrial production to

Individuals’ roles:

  • Each person decides to follow rules or break them and harm the environment like arsonists in Australian bushfires.
  • take daily actions: save electricity, water => reduce greenhouse gases from thermal energy plants + reserve water resource.

restrict unnecessary use of private motor vehicles => reduce greenhouse gases

restrict consumption => reduce demand for products => reduce emissions in industrial production.

  • join environmental days Earth Day, Tree Planting Day,
  • Donate for environmental projects/ dealing with environmental catastrophes like bushfires in Australia or forest fires in Amazon forest.


Cause : (n) sự nghiệp

On the sidelines: (prep) ngoài lề

aroused a wave of objection: (n) làm dấy lên làn sóng phản đối

at home and abroad: (n) trong nước và ở nước ngoài

let loose: (n) thả lỏng

carbon neutral targets: (n) những mục tiêu trung hòa khí thải (trồng cây để hút CO2, giảm thải CO2, chạy xe điện để chấm dứt giao thông thải CO2…)

emission quota: (n) hạn mức khí thải

vehicle emission standard: (n) tiêu chuẩn khí thải của

Substandard: (a) dưới chuẩn

legal frames: (n) khung pháp lý

arsonist: (n) kẻ phạm tội phóng hỏa

thermal energy plants: (n) nhà máy nhiệt điện (đốt gas và than đá để tạo điện)

environmental enthusiasts: (n) (những người hăng hái hoạt động môi trường)

Catastrophes: (n) các thảm họa

The essay:

Some claim that environmental actions are mainly the responsibility of government officials, and that little can be done by each and every ordinary person. However, I believe although politicians do have an important role to play in the global environmental protection, a more crucial force in this cause is individual contributions.

The roles of politicians in preventing and reducing global environmental damage is indisputable. For instance, the decision of the US president, Donald Trump, to withdraw America from the Paris accord and set the country on the sidelines of the fight against global climate change aroused a wave of objection at home and abroad. However, the decision was finally realized, let loose the orientation of the government on industrial production, and obviously leads to a rise in the upper limit of emission allowed in the country and less finance for solving environmental problems elsewhere in developing nations. Normally, politicians are in charge of issuing policies to encourage green production, and laws to prevent environmental pollution. In particular, when the government decides to commit to carbon neutral targets, it has to set emission quota, high vehicle emission standard, and severe punishment for such problems as littering or substandard treatment of waste. These create legal frames to keep activities in society on track towards improving the global environment.

However, individuals even make more direct and crucial contribution to the fight against environmental problems. It is each person who chooses to follow the law and protect the environment or to destroy it like the arsonists that caused fatal bushfires in Australia in 2019. People can make a difference, small or large, simply with their daily actions. Indeed, they can save electricity and water to have a green lifestyle because that helps reduce greenhouse gases from thermal energy plants and reserve water resources. Besides, individuals can restrict unnecessary use of private motor vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide concentration, and each action may produce seemingly invisible changes, but thousands and millions of them from environmental enthusiasts will absolutely transform society. Also, if people restrict consumption, they will reduce demand for products and thus lessen emissions in industrial production, save natural resources, and restrict waste. Additionally, each person can join environmental days like Earth Day, or Tree Planting Day to improve the local environment. They can also donate to environmental projects of clean water provision, forest planting, river dredging and the like besides contributing to environmental funds for dealing with catastrophes like the forest fires in Australia and in Amazon forest.

In conclusion, despite the significance of politicians’ intervention with environmental policies and laws, individual daily actions are actual the key to changes in protecting the environment. (442 words)

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