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Task 1:

The chart shows the water levels of 6 cities in Australia {Darwin (1), Sydney (2), Melbourne (3), Brisbane (4), Perth (5) and Canberra (6)} in October 2009 and October 2010.

Nhận xét trước khi viết: so sánh 2 tầng: tầng 1 so giữa các năm xem trend tăng giảm như nào, tầng 2 so sánh các thành phố xem cao thấp ra sao.

The bar graph illustrates the percentage of the water levels of October 2009 to October 2010 compared to the maximum water levels in reservoirs in six Australian cities.

As can be seen from the graph, the proportion of water level in comparison with the maximum levels at the city’s reservoirs after a year from October 2009 rose in four cities. In particular, in Sydney and Canberra, numbers increased from 75%, the highest level of the year in these two cities in 2009 to over 80% and to around 98% respectively in 2010. That proportion in Canberra was also the highest data across the chart. As for Perth, the number lifted from about 40% to over 60% after a year while in Melbourne, water in reservoirs went up from the lowest level of 25% in October 2009 to around 37% in 2010 to escape the trough of the list.

However, water levels dropped in Darwin, falling from 45% in October 2009 to under 30% after a year and pushed this city to the bottom of the league. Meanwhile, Brisbane enjoyed the stability in the water level at 55% of the top level in their reservoirs over the period.

Overall, water level increased in four cities, fell in one, and stabilized in the other. Besides, Canberra and Sydney had the most abundant water source of all in the period. (227 words)

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Task 2:

Some people argue that we should do research into our family history. Others agree with the view that we should focus on the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Research into family history:

  • Family history should be kept to ensure connections among people sharing the same ancestors. Compiling the family tree of several generations, family history book: ancestors, how many people in the family trees, branches, their places of living, address, phone numbers => connect to family members everywhere
  • Keep traditions through death anniversaries of ancestors.
  • Learn from past stories

Focus on present and future generations:

  • Solve current problems, Prepare for development, planning, realistic goal, foundation, strategies, focus of resources.


family tree: (n) sơ đồ phả hệ

descendants: (n) hậu duệ, con cháu

close cousin marriage: (n) kết hôn cận huyết

genetic disorders: (n) rối loạn gien

take off: (v) cất cánh, phát triển mạnh mẽ, thăng hoa (sự nghiệp, thành công…)

firm origin: (n) nguồn gốc vững chắc

launch pad: (n) bệ phóng

The essay:

Some assert that family history is worth researching while others pay more attention to the present and future of the family. This essay will explore both of these views and justify the necessity to do both tasks of tracking the past and caring for the present and future generations.

People can find substantial benefits in researching family history. The compilation of the family tree and family history book is more powerful than anything else in describing the relationship of a network of people in a family. Such a book usually contains information of the furthest ancestors and their descendants through multiple generations, and may also include current addresses and phone numbers of the members. This helps connect people in the family that may extends for 10 generations or more. Besides, if the family has this document, it is easier for members to organize bond-enhancing meetings for special occasions like death anniversaries of ancestors. In addition, in case of families whose members move to different locations to reside, studying the family history may help them to avoid close cousin marriage and thus avoid genetic disorders. Also, very important in research about the family are the past stories of success and failures of previous generations which can shed light on what people should do and avoid from now on.

However, it is also necessary to focus attention on improving the present and future generation in many aspects. There are always problems and shortcomings of family members; therefore, attention should be paid on discussions and cooperation in resolving those issues. Besides, the foundation people have in skills, knowledge, relationship, health as well as finance will affect their future success, which is why parents often have to make wise plans for their children to prepare well for taking off in the future. When people think for the present and future generations, they would have to consider the distribution of resources so that they will have the most return on their investment.

In conclusion, both learning about family history and focusing on the present family members and future generations are essential for a person to have a firm origin and a well-prepared launch pad for brilliant years ahead. (363 words)

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