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Task 1:

The diagram below shows the process of making soft cheese. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparison where relevant.

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The diagram illustrates how to make soft cheese from water, milk, and salt.

At first, water and milk are blended before they are cooled at 5 degrees Celsius within two hours. After that, salt is added into the mixture and the whole ingredients are heated up to 35 degrees Centigrade and kept that warm in another two hours to facilitate the fermentation which creates the thickness of the cheese. Subsequently, the whole mixture is boiled to 100 degrees Celsius in eight hours so as to get rid of water through escaped steam. In the final phase, people pour away wastewater and cool the mixture down to about 5 degrees Celsius again and then let it set (để nó đông lại) in 16 hours before the filtration separate soft cheese from the remaining water. In the process, the thickness of the liquid increases, and finally milk becomes thick soft cheese after 28 hours.

Generally, the process undergoes five stages to turn milk from liquid into soft cheese. (162 words)

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