Television: positive influence in the life of children

How should we ensure that television is a positive influence in the life of children?



(a) huge, colossal, to lớn

Goggle box

(n) the TV

Intended for

(v) dành cho đối tượng nào đó


(a) design to be televised, thích hợp để phát trên truyền hình


(v) educate giáo dục


(a) thuộc về vận động


(v) thu lượm được


(n) sự đến


(a) eager phấn khởi


(a) thuộc thiết bị đầu cuối như chuột, màn hình, loa…


(n) sự tràn ngập

Formative years

(n) giai đoạn hình thành nhân cách và hiểu biết


(v,n) lọc


(n) sự xâm lăng

Suggested brainstorming and outline making:

  • With the socialization of education, televisions now play an essential part in edifying children
  • Television – smart TV with internet connection: entertain children and is full of lessons targeted at the development of children


  • Ensure suitable content for children : educational, moral lessons for formative years, lessons of friendship, love, care, responsibility, honesty, à with appropriate ways to convey such messages, the lesson will deeply ingrain in young minds
  • Also need to control the content of TV shown to children. parents choose channels, software filtering content…, prevent negative influence from violence, adult matters,

The essay:

The immense effect of television on children is a fact of life which requires increasing attention from adults. To ensure that children will gain benefits from watching the goggle box, people should care for both the television content intended for children and the control over programs for other audiences.

Children can learn extremely well from television providing that the content designed for them is appropriate. Normally, programs aiming at children are created with educational purposes, and thanks to these telegenic contents, children are edified while enjoying their kinesthetic activities together with singing. If lessons about morality, friendship, love, responsibility, and care are incorporated in the show with amiable characters and friendly hosts, children will surely reap (get, gain) benefits for the development of their personality. Moreover, with the advent of Internet-connected smart televisions, teaching children to understand more about the world around them is no longer a challenge. The creation of programs to bring these avid learners to the natural world, the animal kingdom, the school environment, and even the universe all supplement children’s vision of the world with what their parents and teachers may find hard to explain.

Despite the useful source of educational materials televisions can provide, the control over other contents unfriendly to children should also be exercised. When television becomes a peripheral of the web-based system of entertainment devices, there is expected to be a flux of uncensored or exclusively-for-adults contents. If scenes of violence or social evils do not harm adults, they can be a source of mind-contamination for children in their formative years. Therefore, what children see on television should be strictly controlled either by regulating the time for television, or the use of software to filter and block negative programs and channels. These measures ensure that children will only get exposed to appropriate contents which are beneficial for their well-being and healthy development.

In conclusion, people can promote the merits of television for the good of children when they create suitable programs for kids and prevent the encroachment of inappropriate contents. (338 words)

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