Line chart 3: Population growth and projection

The graph shows the development of populations in some selected countries. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


  • China + India: same fast growth à 1st group
  • Europe + the US: slow growth à 2nd group
  • Overview: All increase, Asian faster, more people à Asian countries dominate the scenario of population development.
  • Tenses: past + structures for prediction/ forecast as follows:
It is predicted that
– The population is forecast/projected to reach
– China is expected to have … people in 2050/ It is forecast that China will have… in 2050

The essay:

The line graph illustrates the development of population in three countries and a continent from 1950 to 2050.

Topping the list is China with the largest population up until 2030 when it is forecast to be overtaken by India. China had around 550 million people in 1950, and with uneven growth, this number is expected to escalate steeply to its peak at about 1,450 million in 2030 before starting to dip to 1400 million in 2020. In the same trend, Indian population ranked third in 1950 with around 350 million people, but skyrocketed to the be the second most populous country in this list from around 1980  and is projected to overcome Chinese population after 2030 to come to the top at 1500 million people in 2050.

On the other hand, with a much slower rate of population expansion, Europe, as the whole continent, left the mid of the 20th century with only 500 million people. This number rose steadily till it reached a plateau at around 650 million in 1990, and the stagnation is expected to prolong until 2050. As for America, also with a steady and slow growth rate of population, its number started a continuous upward journey from the lowest figure of just above 100 million people in 1950 to the most modest peak at around 450 million in 2050.

Overall, the chart demonstrates the general development of population in major countries in the world, in which, Asian countries turn out to dominate the scene. (248 words)

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